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My wife and I started to build the house we intended to live in, in 1994 on a plot of land in the slope of the castle we bought, after we moved to Alanya due to our business.  However, we found out that the house would be too large for us when our children wanted to move to Istanbul for education. Our daughter Eda Bohur, the youngest member of our family recommended us to turn this place into a hotel. Eren Bohur, my architect son designed the villa project when he was a student, and designed the additional building, which was his first architectural design, after he had graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, ITU. We added a second building to enlarge Villa Hotel, our 9-room boutique hotel we opened in 1996. We have always regarded our visitors as our guests, not customers, and aimed to have a big family in the hotel. Our approach to our visitors, seeing them as our guests, not customers, was the only thing that remained unchanged during the period of changes. My daughter Eda, my son Eren, and I kept the hotel open, after the death of my beloved wife Şule, the precious. The feedback we received from our guests guided us during this 20-year journey. We have the honor of the awards we received for being among the top three hotels in Turkey, and the top six in the world. Altogether with our employees and our guests, we have built a big family. Although not blood relatives, we have millions of relatives with whom we have only emotional bonds around the world. The Bohur family would like to thank to our guests, the part of family members, and our employees, who always stand by us.  

Abdullah Bohur, Dentist      


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